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We’ve learned so much in the short time we’ve had our puppy Coco. She’s now 5 months old and it’s been a whirlwind of playing, training and cleaning (it’s amazing how much you forget about the puppy phase!). In this post we share our Top 10 puppy products that we’ve tried and tested and we think are definitely worth investing in.

1. Puppy Training pads


Puppy training pads are an essential item whilst house training. Initially we stocked up on disposable pads. They’re large, sold in most supermarkets and are easy to scoop up and throw in the bin.

However, we forgot how much puppies poop 🙂 and we were soon shocked at how many disposable pads we were using (not to mention how quickly we filled up our household rubbish bin).

So we looked online for possible re-usable alternatives. We found several great options that were machine washable so these were a game changer in our house. In our opinion, these are one of the top essential puppy products, that’s why its number one on our Top 10 puppy products list.


There are so many benefits to using these including:

  • They look great, they’re more like a dog rug
  • They get the job done! Absorb water well and prevent any leaks
  • They’re also anti-wrinkle so no curly corners to trip over (ML health & safety DT:-)
  • There are 3 sizes available, we used a small pad by the back door into the garden (to help Coco quickly transition to go outside)
  • Economical and eco-friendly as they’re very easy to clean and re-use We simply pop ours into the washing machine in the evening, they dry overnight and are good to go the next morning
  • Great to travel with, we use a large pad like a rug for Coco to settle down on when we visit friends and family, or sit in a dog-friendly cafe
  • They’re also handy as a muddy paw cover in the car/van after a fun walk
  • Cover beds or sofas with one post surgery or for senior dogs if they experience bladder weakness in old age

We could go on and on about these puppy training pads but hopefully you get the idea. 🙂 If you’re getting a puppy definitely get these, they are a great investment in the long run.

2. Travel carrier

We’ve used our travel carrier on several occasions. We first used it to pick up Coco and transport her home safely from the breeder. We’ve also used it to take Coco on several vet visits for check-ups and vaccinations.

3. Tailor-made puppy food

We are big fans of Butternut Box here at Touring Tails. Poppy has a regular delivery of fresh healthy food. So we introduced Coco to the puppy programme and she loves the food.

Each of our dogs has an online profile detailing their breed, age, weight and activity levels. The team at Butternut Box then tailor the food and deliver it to us on a monthly basis. There are lots of barks, sniffs and woofs when the delivery van arrives 🙂

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Butternut Box Touring Tails Dog

The website is really easy to use, we can update, pause, delay or cancel at any time. We were able to update Coco’s puppy weight gain on a weekly basis so that each delivery was full of exactly what she needed.

Poppy presenting Butternut Box

4. Puppy crate

Coco took to a puppy crate straight away luckily. We made it nice and cosy with her favourite teddy and fleece blanket and also covered the crate sides and back with another blanket so that she felt safe and secure. When she was tired or scared she would put herself to bed in her crate, which we thought was so cute.

During her first couple of months the crate was useful when we needed to pop out for food shopping for example. We knew she was safe and not likely to get too stressed whilst we were gone. We also used the crate at night time and she soon settled into a bedtime routine.

5. Cosy puppy bed

During the day puppies are full on playful or crashed out asleep. 🙂 Rather than picking Coco up and putting her in her crate, we trained her the ‘In your bed’ command. As soon as she got tired and naughty we told her to go ‘In your bed’ and she’d snuggle down in her cosy puppy bed and sleep.

This has proved useful throughout the day when we want our dogs to settle down, they have a bed each to relax and rest in before the next play/training adventure. Oh to be a dog eh!

We liked this small puppy bed and both our girls have one of these. They are very snuggly and easy to pop in the washing machine to freshen up on a weekly basis. No stinky dog beds thanks very much!

6. Zoflora pet friendly

Another game changer in our house when our puppy arrived. We use diluted Zoflora everywhere. It’s in our floor mop spray and a hand held cleaning spray to grab and clean throughout the day. From toilet training mishaps, to post walk muddy paw marks and even soggy toy dribble. Zoflora is an excellent disinfectant as well as removing dog odours.

7. Puppy harness and lead

There’s nothing worse than hearing an eager puppy pulling and choking on their lead. During training with Coco we used a puppy harness & lead set to reduce the risk of neck or throat injury through pulling. She is super energetic and always eager to run, so lead walking is a challenge right now but she’ll get there with Poppy’s guidance.

8. Lickimats

See our previous post on Lickimats. These are great for bored puppies when they start getting into mischief. Simply scatter their favourite treat over the mats and it’ll keep them busy for a while.

The last two options on our Top 10 puppy products, are related to teeth & chewing. We learned the hard way with Poppy about puppies needing to chew. One day she decided to chew the corner of the kitchen wall as we were pre-occupied with making dinner and not paying her attention. Puppies eh!!! We forgave Poppy but made sure we didn’t repeat it this time with Coco.

Now that Coco has moved into her adolescence she’s become a serious chewer. We’ve had a couple of gifts of teeth either dropped into our hand or left in the water bowl!!! Ewwww. So here are our favourite puppy chewing products.

9. Puppy soft chews

We’ve found giving Coco a bedtime chew helps her settle down easier. There are two we use:

  • Pedigree Denta Puppy Tubos. These are soft enough to enjoy when gums are sore and tender from lack of teeth (bless)
  • Minty Dental chews – again slightly soft but with the added bonus or a minty fresh breath. No stinky dog breath thanks.

10. Puppy Nylabone chew

As well as dental chews, we found it’s useful to have a couple of Nylabone puppy chews too. They help Coco through teething pain and encourage good chewing habits for long term dental care.

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