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  • Foliage Cafe, Clifton Bristol

    Dog-Friendly Foliage Cafe Bristol

    The recent feedback found online regarding the Foliage Cafe in Clifton Bristol suggested it offered delicious food, great coffee and was dog-friendly. This sounded like our of place and somewhere Touring Tails needed to check out. So last Saturday, we popped in to the Foliage Cafe whilst Lexi-van was in a local garage having an upgraded Satnav & entertainment system. Once inside the cosy café we ordered coffee and croissants and scooped up a couple of the free newspapers and Bristol Life magazines, which were available for customers to read. The smells of fresh coffee and pastries were delicious and our order was quickly served by one of the friendly…

  • 5 Puppy Teething tips to save your slippers!

    Puppy teething tips

    Coco’s now 11 weeks old and starting to use her spaniel nose and mouth to explore the world. We’ve suddenly realised that our rugs, furniture and shoes are all prime targets for destruction as the urge to chew increases. If like us, you find yourself with a cute but ferocious 🙂 chomping puppy then here are 5 tips that we’re using to deal with the puppy teething phase. Over the past week we’ve noticed Coco’s chewing is increasing on a daily basis. Teething is something all puppies (like babies) will go through as they lose their puppy teeth to make way for their adult teeth. Gums can become sore and…

  • February Pet Dental Health Month

    For our February Feature, we’re supporting one of the UK Awareness Events held throughout the year. In the UK, February is Pet Dental Health Month, which aims to raise awareness and encourage pet owners to look after their pets teeth. Like us hoomans, our pets can suffer from oral health problems (just don’t mention pulling out teeth to Dave ouch!). Neglecting our pets oral hygiene can lead to issues such as tartar build up, gum disease, bad breath (ewww no one likes dog breath) and other issues. So, getting into the habit of cleaning our pets teeth is really important. Poppy’s quite used to regular teeth cleaning as well as…

  • Meet Coco our new puppy

    Chocolate cocker spaniel puppy - Coco

    Meet our new puppy Coco a chocolate working cocker spaniel. She's joined the Touring Tails pack and looking forward to new adventures from 2020.