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Dog Travel Shopping & Gifts

Want to know what Poppy & Coco take on their holidays in our motorhome? I swear our dogs have more stuff in the van than we do 🙂 Bowls, food, towels, blankets, leads, travel harness, beds…

Below is a list of their favourite and essential items to pack for their holibobs or just for days out and weekend walks.

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Need a Christmas gift idea for dog loving family & friends? Have a look at Poppy & Coco’s list below:

If you’re still unsure what doggie gift to buy then how about sending your favourite fur baby an Amazon gift certificate and let their hooman chose something from our Dog Travel Shopping & Gifts page.

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Adventure Dog

Dog Lead (Kong) 5 m retractable – These are the best extending leads we’ve owned. Sturdy, comfortable grip, not to heavy, super easy button mechanism. They come in small, medium and large sizes (we have medium for our spaniels). Also several colours, we have x2 bright red. Highly recommend for days out walking & exploring when you can’t let your dog off lead but they want to run and explore.

Julius K-9 Harness– These are great quality, strong harnesses with a really useful grab handle to hold your dog close when needed. Easy to put on, simply pop over head and on clip. You can also personalise the harness with labels that velcro onto the sides. You’ll see in our pics we’ve added Poppy and Coco names, we think they look fab. Labels can be ordered directly from Julius K-9 Harness website.

Raincoat lightweight wind & waterproof – Tour spaniels run around ALOT so they overheat in winter coats. But these lightweight raincoats are perfect and dry super quick (useful in the van)

LED Dog Collar – Keep you and your pooch safe on winter walks with reflective items. Dave clips an LED dog collar onto Poppy for her bedtime walk every night.

Dog drying coat Rough & Tumble – these are so handy after wet muddy walks. Great in the van too to dry off quickly.

Dog Car Seat Belt Clip – Essential for travelling in your car of Motorhome. We use these to clip in our girls on the sofas in our Motorhome and back seat of our car.

Car seat cover – Highly recommended for back seat of your car. Save your seats from muddy/sandy paws after a day out on an adventure. I leave this in my car all the time for our two girls. Great gift idea.

Dog drying towels super absorbant microfibre – We get through several towels on wet muddy weekend away in the van. So these are really handy to pack (and useful at home too).

Toozey Dog Water Bottle 350ml  – We take this Dog Water Bottle whenever we go out for walkies. Really handy and super easy to use. Great gift idea.

HEAD Tennis Balls  – Our girls LOVE tennis balls. We’ve tried all sorts of dog toys and dog balls. These are by far the best for quality and durability. They last so much longer and can withstand a good chew without falling to bits. Great gift idea.

Hungry Dog

Butternut Box – Healthy FRESH dog food. Convenient for taking in our motorhome on touring trips. Simply pop in the freezer and defrost as needed. Read more in our review here and use our discount link for 50% off your 1st box

RAW Dog Chews – We’ve tried ALOT of chews on our puppy Coco. These are by far the best we’ve found. Strong enough to allow her to chew during teething but without being too tough. Best of all they’re 100% natural dog chews. No nasty chemicals, preservatives added. Both our spaniels LOVE these as a treat and it helps them settle down before bedtime.

LICKIMAT Buddy Treat Mat – We use these to keep our dogs busy when boredom strikes. Smear with peanut butter, meat paste etc. It’ll keep your dog busy and happy and often results in nap time.

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Training Dog

Dog Treat / Training Pouch – We take this pouch on all our walkies. With a mesh pocket for poo bags, a food/water bowl and easy wipe clean material. Great gift idea.

Waterproof Dog Mats – We originally bought 2 as puppy training pads. Washable, stylish and waterproof backed. We now use these in our motorhome on sofas & dog beds after wet walks. Just pop them in the washing machine when you get home.

Stinky Dog

Cooper & Gracie Dry Shampoo spray – This stuff smells amazing and is so handy in the motorhome to freshen up sweaty dogs after a walk. Coco often rolls in stuff, so we use this to clean and de-stink her before she’s allowed back in the van 🙂

Cooper & Gracie Dog Shampoo – again for smelly dogs that LOVE to roll in stinky stuff. We keep a bottle of this at home so that we can clean off Coco after she’s found a lovely cow pat/fox poo to roll in. She’s such a minx!

Cooper & Gracie Wet Dog Odour neutraliser – No more wet dog smell in your home (or motorhome). Use this spray every few days to neutralise wet dog smells. Your family and friends will thank you.

Cooper & Gracie first aid cream – Great product to keep in your car/van and at home incase of adventure mishaps. Poppy has grazed her paw several times when chasing her ball. This soon sorts out a sore paw.

At Home Dog

Canvas storage basket – our girls have ALOT of toys. They chuck them about everywhere. I have one of these stylish baskets in the moho, plus one upstairs and one downstairs at home. (Different colours available). Simply throw the toys back in the basket before bedtime. Sorted.

Pet Personalised Blanket – What dog doesn’t love a snuggle blanket. This would make a lovely gift for friends or family with dogs.

Dog brush double sided – After a fun day out exploring it’s snuggle time and a hair brush to tease out those spaniel ear knots. This brush is by far our favourite with 2 in 1 bristle options. Our girls love a daily gentle brush it makes them sleepy ready for bed time.

Hot Dog (summer vibes)

Dog Cooling Mat – These are so handy to keep hot doggie belly’s and paws cool on sunny days. Non-toxic cooling gel, no need to put in the fridge/freezer. Lightweight and always ready for use, our girls love these to sleep on at night too.

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