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Helping your dogs cope during virus lockdown

Here in the UK we’ve been in lockdown for a few weeks now. Finding ourselves at home all day with our two spaniels has proved more challenging, and more time consuming, than we’d expected.

Coping with the change

Since the lockdown our two spaniels have on occasion shown signs of boredom (Coco puppy) or sulking/depression (Poppy). Although we are trying to keep to some of routines such as morning and bedtime, there are some things we just can’t do with them. The problem is they don’t understand why these things have stopped. Things like:

  • Visiting friends and family or having visitors to the house
  • Dog-friendly cafés, tearooms and coffee shops
  • 2-3 walks per day off lead in local parks, lakes, countryside
  • Dog weekends & longer holidays away in our motorhome
  • Taking a drive and exploring new places such as forests, countryside and beaches

Our two spaniels have got quite used to us being at home now, but as soon as boredom kicks in they can be quite a handful. They’re soon jumping up at our legs to demand our attention or getting up to mischief around the house:

  • Being a puppy Coco is in the chewy stage and currently likes to dig up my spring flowers in the garden. She’s quickly learned that it makes me run out and wave my arms about like a demented woman – great game clearly!
  • Poppy seems to wait for Dave to be on an important video conference then either;
    • Barks wildly at the postman
    • Jumps up onto his lap for a cuddle in front of the camera
    • Snuggles in her bed and snores loudly or whimper whilst dreaming

Well at least they’re not pulling faces or moonies like the kids I suppose 🙂

Victoria Stillwell’s (It’s me or the dog) recent newsletter included a short video on her Positively TV channel, which has some very good ideas. You can watch the free video here.

New daily routine

Playing tag looking after the girls all day long was not the answer we soon realised, neither of us were getting any work done. So we needed a new daily routine to save our sanity and the house and garden from total destruction.

Our 6am wake up has slipped into 7am as the daily commute in traffic has stopped (hurrah!). The girls are full of spaniel energy first thing in the morning so we now take them on a 30 minute lead walk. This helps with Coco’s lead training and learning to walk next to Poppy on a splitter / dual lead. Once back it’s breakfast and settle down for a nap.

Mid-day they’re wide awake again so it’s play-time. Usually a fun 20 min ball chasing game before lunch.

Before teatime Poppy is taken on a much longer walk whilst Coco has puppy training in the garden. Thankfully after that they tend to settle down on the sofa for cuddles and tv time.

I hope this has given you some thoughts and ideas on how you can help your dog cope during this strange ‘all at home’ time. Stay safe

Love Touring Tails xxx

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