Chocolate cocker spaniel puppy - Coco

Meet Coco our new puppy

For the past year, Dave and I have thought about getting a new puppy, a playmate for Poppy. We absolutely love Working Cocker Spanie’s so agreed another crazy spanner would be great to complete our pack. So here she is, meet Coco our new puppy:

Coco was born on 22nd November 2019, her mum Roxy is a gorgeous chocolate cocker. Roxy’s puppies have had a great start with mum and her pack before being handed over to very excited new doggie parents to take to their forever homes.

Following on from our previous post ‘Preparing for a new puppy’, we felt ready to pick up Coco last weekend. Once we’d snuggled Coco into the car and drove away we had a heartbreaking 10mins where Coco cried and whimpered. Tickles and toys were not helping so I opened the puppy food that we’d been given. The car instantly went quiet. Coco’s spaniel nose appears to be working fine then, brilliant. After I’d slowly hand-fed her a few biscuits she fell asleep the rest of the journey. Easy this puppy parenting right?

Since last Saturday Coco has explored, sniffed and chewed everything she can get to. It has been hard work but great fun watching her explore her new home. I feel like I’ve spent a week on my knees. I’m either playing, training, cleaning or frantically shaking toys to distract Coco’s needle-sharp teeth off the furniture, our shoes, socks, trouser legs, the curtains and anything that moves really.

So, what have we learned in our first week:

  • Puppies may be small but boy can they poop – I mean seriously how much wee and poop can a 3kg puppy produce? Quite a lot as it happens. Our poor dustbin men are in for a shock to the nostrils on Tuesday morning when they empty our bin, phew!
  • Puppies love to chase anything that moves – feet, legs, washing being pulled out of the machine, floor mop, hoover, Poppy’s tail and especially hands that are trying to clean up puppy poop (NO don’t stand in it…honestly!)
  • Puppies have very sharp teeth and claws – they’re better than Velcro at hooking and hanging onto your nice winter jumpers, scarves and jeans. As for wearing tights – forget it!
  • Puppies are surprisingly fast – open a door, especially a fridge door it would appear, and Coco’s off like a rocket. I now spend my days tethered to a crazy puppy racing across the floor quicker than Usain Bolt!
  • Puppies are not environmentally friendly – our washing machine is on daily now due to the onslaught of towels, bedding and soggy re-usable training pads Eewwwwww!

All that said, we are totally in love with our new pooch. She’s a little beauty and has settled into our pack really well. She’s taking all the new noises, smells, objects and visitors in her stride. And hey, she’s letting us sleep at night too, amazing.

Next steps for Coco are:

  • Vet visit at the end of January for a puppy check-up and her 2nd injection – ouch
  • Puppy training classes get underway with a local dog training group

Check back soon to find out how we’re getting on with our Sit, Down and Stay training (and that’s just me and Dave).

Also coming up for Touring Tails: we’re taking Lexi Van back to the garage for her first habitation check. We’ll let you what that’s all about and how Lexi for in soon.

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