10 Travel Board Games for fun on your road trip

What do you do in the winter evenings in your motorhome? How about packing a travel game for your next road trip? We’re all guilty of being distracted by our tech gadgets and not talking to each other. Here are 10 Travel Board Games we think will bring some fun and interaction back into your cosy nights in your van.

Now that Autumn has arrived the nights are getting too chilly to sit outside our motorhome all evening. 🙁 During the winter months we tend to tuck ourselves away up in our van for the night with our tech gadgets for entertainment. These include:

  • Dave often downloads a box set for us to watch on our iPad/tablet
  • Snuggle up with a good book – have you visited TouringTALES.co.uk yet?
  • Surf the Internet, often researching, planning and checking in on social media
  • Dave loves to watch YouTube videos

These activities are great but they can be rather anti-social, the only conversation we have is ‘Do you want a cuppa?”OR “What’s for pudding?”

Last weekend the weather was awful, it rained for 3 days. We soon got bored of our tech gadgets then remembered we had a Travel Scrabble board game in the van. Turned out to be a fun evening, I thoroughly enjoyed beating Dave at Travel Scrabble 🙂

Why not order a travel game to take away on your next road trip. Compact designs and light weight, perfect to tuck in a van cupboard for when boredom strikes.

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10 Travel Board Games we love

Below are 10 of our favourite (classic) Travel Board Games. Some are beautifully HandMade, which I love and want to collect them all. These would make a lovely gift ideas too for family or friends.

Chess & Draughts (2 in 1 board) – Jaques of London gorgeous handmade wooden folding board with both Chess & Draughts pieces.

Dominoes – Another classic game beautifully presented by Jaques of London in a handmade wooden box.

Playing Cards – Create your own games using these stylish playing cards made by Jaques of London.

Shut the box – Dice game presented by Jaques of London in a beautiful handmade wooden box. Good brain exercise for kids and adults.

Have you discovered Amazon Handmade?

Ludo – Board game crated by Jaques of London over 100 years ago. This is their gorgeous wooden travel friendly version.

Snakes & Ladders – We all loved snakes & ladders as kids. No reason why big kids can’t play them still right! 🙂

Solitaire – Want a game for one? How about this beautifully presented wooden version of Solitaire.

4 in a Row (Connect 4) – Jaques of London beautiful handmade wooden game. Never lose a piece as they store safely inside the wooden box.

Master Mind – Use to love this as a kid. A classic game of logic and code breaking. This will keep the ole brain cells working.

Travel Scrabble – The classic board game but in a compact and portable design.

What’s your favourite Travel Game? Share your suggestions in the comments section below, we’re always on the look out for new ones to try.

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