Lickimats buddy product review

Have you discovered Lickimat Buddy yet?

Do you have a dog that gobbles their food too quickly? Do you sometimes need a distraction for your dog when you just need some peace and quiet? Then you’ll love the Lickimat buddy. This is one of our favourite and most used doggie products.

Lickimat Buddy

Lickimats are designed as tasty boredom busters for your cat or dog. Simply spread your pet’s favourite soft treat over the surface, such as dog friendly peanut butter, and you create a tasty fun game that keeps them busy and calm.

This fab doggie product was recommended to us by a friend when our puppy Coco arrived. It has become one of the most used doggie products in our house. So much so we had to buy a second Lickimat buddy for our older dog Poppy so that she could get in on the Licki action too.

What are they useful for:

  • Separation anxiety – when you need to leave your pet at home alone
  • Noise anxiety – distract your pet during firework nights or storms
  • Hyper activity – calms an over excited puppy and encourages them to settle and sleep following a licki session
  • Relieving boredom and frustration
  • Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet and apparently releases calming endorphins into the body.

How to use them

Similar to a Kong there are lots of great ways you can use the Lickimats to entertain your dog. Such as:

  • Smear dog-friendly peanut butter – we use Pets Purest 100% Peanut Butter our girls they love it so much we have an Amazon subscription
  • Your pets usual food such as biscuits or wet food
  • Mashed up leftover dinners such as fish and gravy
  • Freeze a Lickimat buddy covered with treats, yogurt, juice or puppy milk as a refreshing and cool treat during hot weather

How to clean them

Initially we were washing the mats by hand with washing up liquid and a scrubbing brush but this was quite time consuming and we soon got fed up with that. We then discovered that we could pop the mats into the dishwasher and they cleaned up a treat. Brilliant.

So if you have an anxious pet, or like us have dogs with alot of energy and find it hard to settle down then we’d highly recommend giving the Lickimats a try. These have saved our sanity whilst raising and training a highly active Working Cocker Spaniel puppy. We take the mats with us whenever we travel as there are times when we need our girls to settle down quietly such as in a dog friendly coffee shop or visiting friends.

We hope this review has been useful, there are lots more doggie and van product reviews on the way so make sure you pop back and visit us here on Touring Tails again soo.

Take care Touring Tails xxx

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